21 Day Reset: A Metabolic Keto-inspired cleanse

As promised, I wanted to share my experience about going high fat, low carb, zero refined or added sugars for 21 days. We followed Mark Sisson’s The Keto Reset Diet guide. Before we dive right in though, I want to throw out there that in no way am I a registered dietitian or nutritionist. I’m not recommending this way of eating to everyone, simply sharing my personal experience.




I think Keoni has been trying to get me to cut sugar since I met him. I remember two weeks after meeting in 2015 we started our YTT and he was on Whole 30. I was mildly amused thinking, there’s no way in hell you will ever see me trying something like that. I’m healthy enough. I eat everything in moderation.




I honestly think my warped way of comparing my diet to the ‘average American’ had me feeling pretty healthy. I never ate fast food, didn’t buy frozen, or pre-made meals. All things considered, it was a pretty damn, low standard for myself. Fast forward to mid January and somehow I’ve agreed over dinner one night to start this three week cleanse the next morning with K.




To give you guys a good idea of my previous diet, an average day looked like a banana with an English muffin and peanut butter when I woke up. I’d have my tea with a tea biscuit and maybe a pinch of sugar. I’d go to the gym, eat a sweet potato with garlic and onions afterwards. Get snacky a few hours later, eat some granola with yoghurt and fruit. Dinner would roll around and we’d usually eat out or order in. Some Asian dish always involving noodles or rice. Sugar sugar, sugar, SUGAR. I was a carbaholic. And constantly hungry. Constantly moody. My energy levels would drop rapidly as would my patience with anyone and everyone.




Which is the only reason I agreed to do this cleanse. To better myself. My insides, my hormones, my moods. This was never to lose weight or look a certain way.




Week 1 was absolutely brutal. I experienced sugar withdrawals the FIRST day. My energy levels were low, I was cranky and super lethargic. Which just goes to show how much my body craved it. An average meal for us was a high fat green smoothie, or eggs and bacon for breakfast. Paired with coffee or tea with heavy cream. Lunch and dinner would be chicken breast’s, burger lettuce wraps, pot roasts, zucchini noodle dishes - basically anything with a serving of mostly fat, and some protein and veggies. One thing I found that pulled me through the first 7 days was drinking ‘dessert tea.’ Basically black tea blends that mimic and smell like your favorite sweet treats. I found the brand Bigelow and Tazo had two of my favorite flavors - Salted Caramel and Butterscotch Blondie. The upside of this first week was my skin clearing up in a matter of days from no sugar, and starting to create a habit of cooking consistently for the first time in my life.



The beginning of Week 2 was about the same. It wasn’t until Day 10 where I really started to feel a huge difference in my body. The brain fog had started to dissipate. Everything suddenly felt very on point. I was focused and clear. My moods had begun to level out and I kid you not, my road rage lessened, I found myself having more tolerance for things that would usually get under my skin. I overall felt more positive towards life and less anxious. I know it sounds crazy - but it did feel like a small miracle. At this point I’d made about 30 means in the kitchen. A HUGE accomplishment for me. I always said I was just a baker. I had a sweet tooth - so I made desserts. Cooking was boring to me, because no sugar - duh. By the end of week two I had cooked 42 meals all by myself and actually found it quite enjoyable and therapeutic. I even banned Keoni from helping me because I loved the time and space to myself in the kitchen. 




Coming into the homestretch of Week 3 and there’s just absolutely no denying it. I was feeling amazing, definitely leaned out, I hadn’t worn makeup the rest of the month, I wasn’t feeling hungry in between meals, my energy had returned, and shocker of all shocker - I wasn’t craving ANY sugar. In fact on our last day Keoni asked me where I wanted to celebrate and all I truly wanted to do was stay at home and cook one of our staple Keto meals.



Coming out of this I can definitely say it was a life changing experience. I never actually stuck to a cleanse like this and I’m truly, so happy I did. I plan to continue eating this way, as my body now craves good, fatty foods all the time. I still eat carbs, but in very low quantities. I’ve also found amazing baking substitutes for grains and sugars such as coconut or almond flour and Swerve or Monk fruit sweeteners. It’s a delicious way to make pancakes or waffles, sweeten a beverage or have a little treat.




I do plan to still enjoy my favorite restaurants, bake my traditional desserts and enjoy all the food out there - just not every, single day. For every, single meal. In fact I quite enjoy how I’m eating right now as it makes me feel better and be the best version of myself.




Like all of life, this is the season I’m in right now. I don’t know if I will eat high fat, low carb forever. Probably not. As I get older my body and its needs will change. For now though, I’m feeling stronger and more vibrant than ever.




I hope this gave you a little peek inside my Keto journey, and always remember to do what’s best for YOUR body.

Morgan Haley