Pinnertest Food Intolerance Testing

The older I've gotten the more I've started paying attention to or noticing how my body fluctuates daily depending on what I'm feeding it. They are subtle enough changes though that it's hard to tell what exactly causes some of the breakouts, bloating or indigestion that I experience. 


     Insert Pinnertest. This company approached me at probably the best time possible, completely unbeknownst to them. It's cool how those God things always seem to happen right? I had a long conversation with them on the phone, about who they are as a company, their mission statement and what they hope to provide people with these tests.


     Pinnertest is a food intolerance test done by blood samples. Before I get into how it works I wanted to point out there IS a difference between Food Intolerance and Food Allergy. With allergies you will normally notice an immediate reaction after inhaling or ingesting whatever it is you are allergic to. A food intolerance can sometimes take hours or even days for symptoms or side effects to occur, therefore making it tricky to diagnose exactly what could have caused the discomfort. 


Lucky for you all, this company provides you with a super simple and convenient way to find out exactly what your body reacts negatively to. You receive a test in the mail with all the instructions on exactly what needs to be done. After a quick prick of the finger, and a few drops of blood, you can pop your sample directly back in the mail in a pre-paid envelope and get the results back in just a few weeks. They come via email and provide you with a list of hundreds of foods that you could potentially have an intolerance to. They grade the severity on three different levels with Level I being mild intolerance and Level III being severe. Turns out I had a severe intolerance to beef, which I normally consume multiple times week, along with intermediate intolerances to mustard, cabbage and cauliflower. All foods I LOVE. 


The test can definitely be a bittersweet experience, as some of the foods on your intolerance list might be (and usually are) ones you enjoy regularly. The minor disappointment though is nothing compared to the relief in the following months of knowing what to steer clear of and feeling one hundred times better for it. 


If you want to take a step in a healthier and over all beneficial direction for your health, head over to and order your test today. You can even use my sneaky discount code 'MORGAN' at checkout, which saves you $60 and gets you FREE shipping. 

Have a happy and healthy weekend friends!! xoxo.