A Healthy Dose of Social Media

We are all guilty of it. The mindless scrolling that occurs when you hop on any social media page and start to glaze over. The rage/anger that ensues when you see a cruel comment on a photo you posted. The envy that rises up and takes a choke hold when you start to play the comparison game.


When I first joined Instagram and started gaining followers I had to take about a month long hiatus shortly after for these very reasons. It was consuming me. I want to briefly discuss each of these as they seem to be the major sources of negativity surrounding social media and how you can intentionally turn them around.



MINDLESS SCROLLING - Have an agenda. This is probably laughable to some. Like what? Schedule out what I am going to do on social media? That's such a MILLENNIAL problem to have. Regardless of your view on it - you WILL be on social media at some point during your day, and if you don't want to get stuck there for hours, have a rough game plan in mind of what you want to get accomplished and who you'd like to virtually catch up with. I normally have pre-saved posts/captions in my 'drafts' folder on IG that I've written during my down time. This way I can instantly post whenever I want during the day without drawing too much of my attention away from what is currently going on. Know who you want to catch up with. I usually have four or five friends picked out of profiles I'd like to visit and see the latest happenings in their lives. This way I'm not eternally scrolling through my newsfeed or explore page. If you set yourself up for successful time management, you are much less likely to waste a bunch of hours staring at a screen.


TROLLS - The vicious underbelly of social media. Cyber bullies. The accounts that seem to only exist to destroy your self esteem and test every ounce of your patience. How do you handle them? I used to think their was a fine line between ignoring these comments, but also not letting your reputation get walked all over. I would reply when I felt it attacked my character. I've now completely veered to the side of 100% IGNORING these people. If you start to respond to crude, humiliating or just plain mean comments, you are giving even more energy to the situation at hand and attention to the cyber bully.....which is EXACTLY what they want. To drag you down that deep, dark hole with them. Delete the comment, and immediately block them. Get that ish OUT of your sight and life. Whatever was said is a direct reflection of this person's own insecurities, and rather than feeling hurt, realize this person is more than likely deeply suffering. KNOW YOUR TRUTH and be confident in the fact that no one can take it away from you unless you allow them to. Only you have the power over your thoughts.


COMPARISON - The motherload of all social media downfalls. I've watched too many people (girls especially) get completely sucked in and enamored by the fantasy lives of big accounts on Instagram. Let me tell you - it's not all it's cracked up to be. People post the HIGHLIGHT reels of their lives. A bunch of them are also airbrushed, contoured and dressed to perfection. And outwardly, even if they are perfect to the eye, they struggle with the SAME feelings of insecurity as YOU. If not more than you. At the end of the day, we are ALL HUMAN. In between tanning sessions by exotic, blue waters, muscles sculpted to perfection, perfectly staged food, cheeky bikinis, Colgate-worthy sparkling smiles and all the bronzer your heart can handle there is also jetlag, dark circles underneath eyes from sleepless nights, a pimple or two, frustrations, anxieties, folds of skin, insecurities and a whole lot more. So before you start to envy someone's else's seemingly perfect and put together body or life, place a hand on you heart, notice that it's beating and then tell yourself three things you are grateful for. Whether it's a physical attribute or something amazing you have going on in your own life. It starts to get pretty hard to wish for a day in another's shoes when you begin to realize how freaking amazing your own are.  


Don't be a slave to social media. Remember that nothing controls you unless you LET it. Happy Wednesday friends!





Morgan Haley